Uncle Richard–Before

camel before

When I started the redo on my loft office, I wanted to be sure that it was full of meaningful things that would both inspire me and make me feel happy.  It needed to be cozy, comfortable, clean, organized, and have a few items that were fun i.e. charming, whimsical, quirky, different.  My mother-in-law had recently given me a camel saddle that she has had for almost 50 years, and I knew that it had to find a home in the loft.  Her brother brought it back from Turkey where he was stationed in the army and it has been in every one of her homes ever since.  I have long admired it, and at some point every one of my girls has ridden on it…and probably every other grandchild as well.  It is definitely one of those pieces of furniture that is full of meaning.

It is the perfect footstool size, but it is modeled after actual camel saddles.  Ebay has lots of similar saddles here.

I’m not sure how valuable my stool actually is, but I love the carved details…

chead before

the gold designs on the green leather…

csaddle1 before


csaddle2 before

and the note from my mother-in-law.

cinscriptionThe wood was in good shape, but needed some cleaning and I thought a fresh coat of paint would help it pop.  The cushion was cracked and in bad shape so it had to go, but I kept the inscription…information for posterity and my mother-in-law’s handwriting are important memorabilia.

I’ll share my change tomorrow.  But first, I would love to hear what you would do to add some style to this handsome guy.  Would you paint, keep the cushion as is, remove the inscription?




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