Uncle Richard–After

uncle richard after

Isn’t he handsome! The camel got a good cleaning, a coat of primer, and a few thin coats of spray paint in Rust-Oleum’s Lagoon.  Then I used a Krylon Gold Leafing Pen to highlight some details.  This camel deserved some 18 Kt. Gold toenails!  While the paint dried, I opened up the green leather saddle with a seam ripper, and traced the old pieces onto some black and white gingham fabric.  I like the mixture of the traditional and sedate fabric with the contemporary teal color of the camel’s body.  I also added some gold trim to the cushion…the first time I’ve ever attempted trim, but only the best for my camel.

After all of this work, the camel deserved a great name, and Uncle Richard was the natural choice.  His home is in the office, but we brought him into the living room to enjoy Christmas festivities…he looked great holding a stack of gifts on his back.  He usually has a stack of books or a cat on his back, but currently he is carrying the child-size accordion we also inherited from Uncle Richard.  They are a match made in heaven.

Here are a few simple instructions and a bunch of pictures of Uncle Richard, notice that I preserved the inscription.  Enjoy!

diy family furniture update

This is what Uncle Richard looks like when he is in my loft office.

office space

And one more look at Uncle Richard before and after.

uncle richard before

uncle richard after


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