Simple Changes no. 3


Do you love horse images as much as I do?  This is a picture of a picture so not the greatest quality, but I find the horses nuzzling to stay warm quite endearing. We actually have a few horses in the field next door that have looked just like this recently.  Do you think the horses feel cold or confused or sad at times like this?  I’ve noticed that several of the horses I drive by every day are now wearing blankets.  Too cold here for even the animals.

I’m really enjoying the whole concept of simple changes.  Are you?  These small weekly changes are helping me get closer and closer to accomplishing the really big things.  A little bit at a time makes anything feel possible.  And now,

It’s a new week…are you ready for some simple changes?

It’s time to Leave High School!

Recognize The Value of a Day  from  Seeing the Everyday.

A great plan to Organize Your Bookshelves by Color and Genre.

A plan to help you Unplug…so smart to do this while your children are still little.

Fun and stylish Gadgets to Organize and Power Your Tech.

Tracy Anderson’s 15-Minute Workout Add-on.

Feed a Family of Four for $20 a Week…do you really think this is possible?  Try it this week to see if it works for you.

I’m having a difficult time deciding which changes to focus on because these are all such great ideas.  Which do you think you will choose?



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