Simple Changes no. 4

heart shoesImage at Wedding Chicks

Big holiday this week…is love on your mind this week and Valentines sprinkled throughout your house?  We usually keep it pretty low-key on Valentine’s Day, but I’m thinking about busting out the cookie cutters this year and making sugar cookies for my sweethearts.  We do have a special Valentine’s breakfast every year because it is the one time of day that we are all at home.  I wake up early, use china and candles, fix a fantastic breakfast,  give everyone a special Valentine, and then I send the girls off to school and go back to bed…it is my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.  And now,

It’s a new week…are you ready for some simple changes?

Find a new book to read from the Best books of February…I’m excited for the new Maeve Binchy novel.

Add some Drops of Awesome via 71 toes.

Create a Baking Drawer.

Use Encouraging Phrases.

Discuss Weight and Body Image with your children.


Make some Washi Tape Frames.


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