Simple Changes no. 6

Image at An Itinerant Poet

Writing about simple changes always makes me feel happy and motivated for some changes in my life.  Especially in light of recent bit changes that are happening over here.  I was just hired as the scholarship coordinator at a local high school as well as a free-lance writer for the local newspaper.  That means big changes for me and my family in every possible way.  Things like early bedtime, an office wardrobe, meetings, workshops, deadlines, interviews, a daily commute, coworkers, presentations, conferences, advertising, and lots and lots of organizing are rapidly becoming part of my world.  And so far I love every minute of it!  It is definitely going to be a learning curve, but it is also a challenge that I have been hoping for.

I’m not sure how any of this will affect this blog, but I’m hoping to keep plugging along as regularly as possible.  This space is on of my happy places and one that I’m not ready to leave behind just yet.  I’ll be here, so I hope you’ll stick around, too.

It’s a new week…are you ready for some simple changes?

Discover what 200 Calories Looks Like via A Cup of Jo.

Try Printed Denim. (I had the most awesome pair of printed denim jeans in college…very muted and subtle polynesian men in canoes with palm trees!  Also, when are you too old to wear printed denim?)

Organize your Linens & Loo.

Create your own Spring Salad.

Make an Ice Cream Cone Garland.

Read one of the Best Books of March.

DIY Painted Stones…simple and beautiful.

If you have any simple changes you’ve tried or are thinking about, I would love to hear about them here.



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