Happy Life Book Club–March 28

march bookclubI am so excited about this month’s book club selection!  And I’m afraid they are purely for selfish reasons.  The March section of The Happiness Project is all about work and with a new job on my plate, I’m especially interested in discussing how work contributes to happiness.  I read our novel for the month,  The Book of Mormon Girl last summer, and I wrote about it here.  Since then I have desperately wanted a great discussion on the book and all of the ideas that it provokes.  I’ve wanted to know how people of my own Mormon faith view Joanna Brook’s experiences and thoughts, as well as share my own.

My dream is coming true this month and I can’t wait for a great book club night.  Please come!  The more opinions, the better the discussion.  If you hated the book, come tell us why.  If you loved it, share that too.  There are no wrong or right answers, just differences, and those differences make everything in life great.  And remember, as Joanna writes, everyone belongs…and you especially belong here.


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