Happy Life Tip 3-Make Your Bed

hl tip3-make your bed


Simple enough, but apparently this is a big factor in a person’s level of happiness.  I’ve actually been working on this for the past month and it really works!  I always feel happier in an orderly room, and because the bed is the biggest item in my bedroom, when it is in disarray, the entire room feels messy even when it isn’t.  On the other hand, when the bed is made, I hardly notice Joe’s pile of clothes or my overly large stack of books on my nightstand.  It also feels calming and restorative when I head to bed at night and my bed is nicely made.

Read this post by Amy Hackworth and the corresponding links.  Then give it a try.  The resulting happiness is definitely worth the effort of taking a few minutes each morning to make your bed.


2 thoughts on “Happy Life Tip 3-Make Your Bed

  1. A clean room is a happy room. That’s all that I can say. I’ll be honest and say that it is very very rare for my bed to be made, mostly due to my desire to take evening naps, and why make my bed when I’m going to ruin it mid day anyway. However if my room isn’t clean I feel unaccomplished and it is always so fulfilling after the final piece of laundry is picked up off the floor. I don’t know if its so much the look of cleanliness but the accomplishment you feel once it is done. Either way I completely understand how a made bed can make a happy heart.

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