Loft Update–the Daybed

loft daybed


It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything from my loft update, but I have a few favorite things I’ve been saving.  These are simple and very inexpensive projects.  The internet is abounding with so many fantastic DIY projects, but they can feel overwhelming sometimes if you don’t own the right tools or supplies or live far from great shopping areas.  This update consisted of a bed I already owned and a trip to Ikea.

You could get the same result by repurposing a bed you already own, purchasing one at a thrift store, or borrowing from family or friends.  The bedding could be purchased on-line or just moved from another room in your house.  Even adding a new pillow or throw can be a simple, but rewarding update.  The best changes are usually the simplest.

This update in the loft involved turning a small section in the room into a guest bed/reading nook/tv watching area. We have an official guest bedroom, but this Christmas we were expecting extra guests so we set up an area in the loft that would work as a bed for a guest as well as a cozy spot to read or watch tv.  The budget for this area was extremely tight because it was Christmas time, so we used a bed frame and mattress we already owned and dressed it up with a few items from the Ikea “as is’ section.  The only new purchases were sheets and pillows.  I wanted to keep the big things neutral so I was lucky to dig this gray gingham comforter and the floral shams from the “as is” bin.  The turquoise throw was a steal for $2 and the green velvet sham added the perfect festive touch.  I thought I would just leave it there for the holidays, but it looks so fresh in the room and the velvet adds just a touch of elegance.

Future plans for this area include adding some kind of frame, I’m thinking I might use some weathered pallets (I just happen to have several in my back yard), and some bigger pillows along the back to give it more of a sofa feel.  It will work perfectly for the future library I’m planning for this area…I’m hoping to at least add shelves and all of our books this summer.  This is definitely a room that is constantly evolving.

If you’re interested, here are a few posts about some of the other changes I’ve made in the loft:  DIY Ceiling Fan Update, DIY Art Update, DIY Graphic Desk Update.


Project Life 365–Week 11

A (very) few images of what my life looked like last week..inspiration from Project Life 365.



in the middle#in_the_middle

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Project Life 365–Week 10

Falling behind…super busy with the new job.  This is what my life looked like last week…inspiration from Project Life 365.  If you have some time, take a few minutes to look at the images on this site.  There are some really wonderful photographers contributing beautiful and inspirational images every day.


big personality#big_personality

daily commute#daily_commute

over there#over_there


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Project Life 365–Week 9

A few images of what my life looked like this past week…inspiration from Project Life 365.


good morning#good morning



me today#you_today


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Project Life 365-Week 8

I missed a few days this week.  I was in southern Utah until Tuesday afternoon and the rest of my week was just off.  So, here is a partial view of  what my life looked like this week…inspiration from Project Life 365.

shared space#shared_space

best dressed#best_dressed



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Project Life 365–Week 7

This is what my life looked like this week…inspiration from Project Life 365.



good times#good_times





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Dreaming of a European Vacation

roman holidayJoe and I have a big anniversary coming up this year and we are hoping and planning and working hard towards a vacation in Europe.  Neither of us have ever been and we are dying to make this dream come true!  One of the first steps towards making this dream come true was to put down a deposit on our trip…a big step.  Now, I’m trying to put little reminders around the house to keep us focussed on our goal.  Last month I bought some mugs that feature cities we hope to visit on our trip.  They are in our kitchen windowsill as a constant reminder.  This week I saw these mint oxfords at Target and am hoping to add them to my inspiration collection.  I will probably need sturdier shoes for all the walking we will be doing, but I’m thinking these would be fun to wear on the train or out to breakfast.

What about you?  Planning any big trips this year?


Project Life 365-Week 6

This is what my life looked like this week…inspiration from Project Life 365.


daily life#daily life


saved up#saved_up

my view#my_view



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Air Plants

Image at Bird and Feather

I am always looking for a fun and unique design change, or a great gift idea and I think Air Plants are perfect for both.  They are a low maintenance way to add some life and beauty to your decor.  Interestingly, they require no soil, thus the title “air plant.”  And no soil means you can choose from a greater variety of containers.  Apartment Therapy has some great ideas here, and I’m seriously in love with the Air Plant Pods at Bird and Feather.  Forget Valentine’s chocolates and jewelry, Air Plants are my wish for a sweet Valentine’s gift this year…and I might be sending them as birthday gifts to everyone I know.  Such a fun way to say I love you.