Just Call Me “Walt”


This whole “working mom” gig is pretty amazing!  It has introduced all kinds of change into my life…good change.

It has been a long time since I’ve had a consistent Monday-Friday paid job and I think I’ve waited this long because I was scared…scared that I would be terribly unreliable and scared that my family would fall apart.  I am happy to report that neither of these things have happened so far.  In fact, I actually have a job that I love and look forward to every day.  I love getting dressed up in the morning, packing my lunch and my gym clothes, and commuting 15 minutes across my little valley.  I love having an office (even if it looks nothing like this) and a desk and an extension.  I love helping students prepare for college and apply for scholarships.  I love helping make dreams come true.  I love that Joe says I have a “happy job” and that Courtnee calls me the “Walt Disney of the high school.”  I love that I belong somewhere and I that I’m doing important work.  And I love that paycheck I get every two weeks, no matter how small it might be.

I also love that I leave for work after the girls go to school, that most days I’m home around the same time that they are, and that I have the same vacations they do…including the whole summer.  Love all of that, too!  In fact, I’m feeling pretty blessed that everything has come together so well.

Like everything, it isn’t perfect and I have so much to learn.  My girls tell me every single day that there is no food in the house, the laundry is piling up, and I’ve dropped the ball on some important date and events.  Somehow, though, we are all doing just fine.  And I think I just might change my name to “Walt.”